Working With PHP On Your Mac

Today I will discuss about Working with PHP on Mac OS X.

In Mac OS X operating system, We have to install an IDE(PHP Editor) on MacBook.

The Most Popular IDE in Mac Is Given Bellow:

1. Text Mate

2. NetBean

3. CodeBlock

We Will use Text mate for Writing PHP Code In Mac Os X.

Textmate is Premium and more used PHP Editor in Mac OS X. It has very cheap rate to buy TextMate.

Firstly We have to Install PHP Server in Mac. There are default PHP, MYSQL and Apache for Mac OS X. But you have to install it by terminal.

You Can Follow the Following Rules to install apache php and mysql into your macbook.

If you don’t felling good to install apache, php, mysql by using Terminal. You can Setup Apache, PHP, MySQL by using a free software are called MAMP(Mac Apache, MySQL and PHP)

Just download Mamp from their official Website are given bellow:

Firstly Download Mamp and then install it into your MAC.

Then Open Launch pad, and click on Mamp. You have to put your php file under application->mamp->htdocs folder.

then Open this file using Textmate Editor.

Now Write your php code and Run the MAMP, then Click on start server.

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Free Opensource Photo Editing Software List

There are many Opensource Free Photo Editing Software That is Very Useful and Portable.

The list of Opensource Free Photo Editing Software are Given Bello:

1. photoscape (

2. Gimp (

3. (

4. Lazpaint (

5. Photo Plus ( )

6. Photo Pose Pro ( )

7. Pixiya ( )

8. Vicman Photo Editor ( )

9. Photo Filter ( )

10. Picasa ( )

11. Ultimate Paint ( )

You may use these photo editing software for your professional work.